The plush toy that changes faces six times

With a simple turn of a knob or a flip of a face, each Whatsitsface plush toy features six separate faces - offering your child endless opportunities to create new imaginative play scenarios while having fun and developing emotional intelligence.

The wonder of imaginative play

Whatsitsface was designed to encourage fun and memorable interactions with your children. Imagine the wonder of seeing your child bring his or her toy to life. Of delighting in their games and storylines. And getting them off of their zombie phones and tablets.

Emotional development

Whatsitsface helps children learn about emotions while playing. Learning through play is a highly effective and important tool in a child's emotional development. Experience the joys of watching your kids play and engage with a physical toy in the physical world – a rarity in these connected times that we live in.

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My son can't get enough of his Whatsitsface Puppy. The changing faces really fuel pretend-play time!

– Gwen, San Diego, CA

Interactive play is an important factor in the developmental growth of a child. Toys like Whatsitsface can help facilitate in that growth.

– Marie C, Occupational Therapist

When I saw this, I knew my child would love it, and he does. This toy is so much more fun than teaching him about emotions from a book.

– Taylor, Dallas, Tx

Our favorite face is the sleepy face. This has helped tremendously with nap time and night time. When the bear is sleepy, our daughter is ready to snuggle and sleep with her bestie.

– Amy, New York, NY