About Us

One stuffed animal. Six faces. Say what? Say Whatsitsface?
We created Whatsitsface to help children engage with the physical world and encourage creativity and interactive play. Oh, and to have boatloads of fun! Because being a kid is fun! 
Parents get so much pleasure from watching their kids create elaborate play scenarios with their dolls, action figures, and most importantly, their beloved stuffed animals. But let’s face it…they can get bored pretty easily.
Then one day, an idea hit us like a slap in the face: what if there was a way to take a simple stuffed animal and give it emotional range and connectivity? Whatsitsface was born that day.
Why settle for a plush toy with one face when you can have six? Happy, sad, surprised, angry, amused and sleepy. Each of the six facial expressions are revealed with just a simple turn of the knob or a flip of the face. Every Whatsitsface friend is sure to be an endless source of fun, not to mention a great tool for teaching little ones about emotions. It's been throughly safety tested for kids aged 0-100!