About Us

Turn playtime into quality time with Whatsitsface® - the lovable plush toy that helps kids learn about emotions while fostering imaginative play. With a simple turn of a knob or flip of a face, each Whatsitsface® toy features six different emotions: happy, sad, surprised, angry, amused and sleepy.

 Let’s face it, parenting is hard! Children have huge emotions, whether it’s feeling overwhelmingly excited by the sight of ice cream to the stress and sadness of being left with a babysitter. Everything feels amplified when you’re young because you may not understand why you’re feeling such emotions, let alone knowing how to control them or successfully express them. This can often lead to frustration, anger and to dreaded tantrums. Fostering emotional growth and development in your child can help your children build emotional strength and resilience and prepare them for life’s challenges, not to mention the added benefit of a happier and healthier household!

 Whatsitsface® Teddy Bear, Kitty Cat and Puppy Dog are the perfect companions for your child. They are soft, cuddly and their changing faces offer endless opportunities for fun learning. Parents love interacting with their children using the toys to teach emotions during playtime, and for the children who have a healthy understanding of emotions, Whatsitsface® is the perfect toy for fostering pretend play.

Join me, a mom on a mission, in nurturing your child’s emotional development. Let’s help them grow and watch them thrive while having fun!

Joanna Paul - Founder and Inventor of Whatsitsface®